Through a world impatient for my death

by Eald



released April 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Eald Madrid, Spain

Melodic black /death from Spain, created in 2000 by Heolstor.


Heolstor - Strings
Ravager - Drums
Vaelbeles - Vocals

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Track Name: Frivolous
I’ve seen during all my existence
Men of narrow shoulders
Committing, all of them,
Many acts of stupidity,
Brutalizing their kin
And perverting their souls
By any means possible.
They call to the glory behind their actions
And I tried to laugh as all of them,
But that, futile imitation, was impossible.

We are in a winter night
When the elements fight each other
And men fear.
A night sad as the universe,
As beautiful as suicide,
When the wind, with its grumbling laments
Carries me over with its bone wings
Through a world impatient for my death.
Frivolous humanity, cry
For your spirit died ages ago
Everything you touch has died
Everywhere you’ve been
Is no more the same
We’re too fragile to carry
The burden of our decisions
Too coward to stand up for ourselves
Too human...
Track Name: Perhaps, in the end...
Pale shades of light
Pushed before the entrance
The segment that limits
A path in the shadow.
Mud as asilum
And roots as only nourishment
In this night time
Embrace my laments
As darkness falls
Reason complains alone
With the millenary feeling
And the will of the worm.

I dwell in a far wood
Between time waves
That caress my destiny
And know my torment
Bu maybe the forest
Is the death of humanity.

The stone feeds my witness
And the dead my gums
As they slowly rot
Oh, sweet lifeless flesh.
Immortal now my soul is,
In exchange for beauty.
In a world without prejudices
Roads never lack.
Black vaulted sky
Sweet speechless chant
A sad song is singed
By those who once loved me.

I dwell in a far wood
Between time waves
That caress my destiny
And know my torment
Bu maybe the forest
Is the death of humanity.
Track Name: Malice
Hatred burns inside
malice like magma boils in the heart
melts the exterior
pulses through your veins, body and soul
dictates the brain, becomes superior

Passions of the heart
Death, its lethal art
true malice of the heart

How it burns
raging torrents
destroying life.
Fire, eternally vanquish all foes,
eyes glowing into ashes fall
grey and desolate shifting on winds
blowing with heat on lands afar
blackened embers still glowing red

Light blinding sears the brain
soul destroying, only death remains,
fire burning lights the sky
clouds of ash drift on by,
the fire is wisdom older than all
full of power it will devour
Fire raging full of anger
merciless it moves
you fall asunder, searing heat breaks the skin
Track Name: Prayer to the fallen god
My words are as the reminiscence of a dream
I surprise myself longing
For a state of imaginary things
That will never receive
The stamp of its subsequent realization.

It will not deceive me,
Despite the several metamorphosis you resorted to,
Your snake head will always shine before my eyes,
As a lighthouse of eternal injustice
And cruel dominion.
He wanted to take the reins of control,
But he doesn’t know how to reign.
He wanted to become a source of horror
To all the beings under creation,
and he accomplished it.
He wanted to prove
that he is the ruler of the universe
but on that he deceived himself.
Now, the false illusion of terror
Has shown you your own ghost.

It’s not far the day
When my arm will throw you
To the poisoned dust you breathe,
And tearing up your insides,
Leave your corpse on the road
To teach travellers a dismayed lesson:
There’s no turning back.