I shall reign alone with dread over you

by Eald



released May 5, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Eald Madrid, Spain

Melodic black /death from Spain, created in 2000 by Heolstor.


Heolstor - Strings
Ravager - Drums
Vaelbeles - Vocals

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Track Name: I shall reign alone with dread over you
Can we light up a black and bogie sky?
Can we tear through this darkness
Without sun, without morning?
But our souls are as tombs
That from eternity we wander,
And endless ages have they wandered by,
Yet still without pity or mercy we fight,
So mighty in death, our delight

And when the livid morning falls,
You will find alone the empty walls,
And till the evening, cold it will be.
As others with their lies,
Upon your life and youthfulness,
I'll reign alone with dread over you.

Where snails abound in a soft soil,
I will dig for myself a fathomless grave,
Where at leisure my bones I can coil,
And rest underground like the worm does.
Rather than tears from the world to implore,
I would ask of the crows with their vampire bills
To devour every bit of my carcass impure.

To Her, with pride we chant an echoing Hymn,
For nothing can touch the sweetness of her sway;
Her flesh ethereal as the seraphim,
Her eyes with robe of light our souls array.

Mystic metamorphosis
All my senses blend in one
Her voice an intoxicating perfume is,
Her breath makes music
Her, Death.
Track Name: Sense of impurity
Like a god, I will intoxicate
With incense and myrrh,
Genuflections and wine,
To know if I can take
An admiring heart
And usurp with laughter
The divine rights.

But once I grow tired
Of these unholy farces
I will drop my fragile and strong hand
Over their shoulders,
And my nails, as claws
Will find their way into their hearts.

I will pull the beating heart
Out of their red chest
And feed it to the dogs.
But they will gaze up to the sky
And thank the gods
For giving them suffering
To purify their impurity.

But these exclamations, this ecstasy
These laments and curses
Are an echo repeated by thousand voices
And are as divine opium for the mortal heart.

And this is the only testimony
We can give of our humanity,
This rolling lament
That dies by the edge of your eternity.
Track Name: Tirade
My face is stone; my soul is sickened
As I look upon the pulling,
Smelly visage of humanity.
I hate everything that bears their fetid breath.
Every fibre, every nerve of my being
Is shaken in disgust.
Wherever I am, I’m besieged
By their presence
As they come to lick the surface of my feet.
There’s nothing I hate as much as the contortions
of those great architects of protests,
those gracious donors of frivolous hugs,
those obsequious talkers of useless words,
who attack everyone with their kindness
and treat the same way a man of merit and a fool.
My eyes are blinded by disgust,
But the city can only offer me
bile-stirring performances
tireless proof of humanity’s foolishness.
through his mask is the traitor fully revealed,
he is known for what he is everywhere,
his candid eyes and his sweet voice
only deceive those who do not belong here.

As ravens hungry for slaughter
the foolish men gather around the corpses
of those who tried to purge
the vices of the time.